Snuggletime Grow-with-Me Teepee Tent / Playgym

R1,299.00 R999.00

Snuggletime Grow-with-Me Teepee Activity Play Tent

The Snuggletime Grow-with-Me Teepee Activity Play Tent is a play gym and fun teepee tent perfect for the first three years of baby’s life through four stages of development.

– Fun vibrant colours and shapes
– Musical hanging mobile that detaches
– Soft, flexible teepee tent poles
– Suitable for children from 0 months – 3 years
– 20 colourful balls included
– Machine washable

Stage 1: Baby 0-6 Months

• Baby starts to actively enjoy play time.
• Tummy time is very important to strengthen neck and back muscles.
• Baby starts to reach out at dangling objects.
• Eye-hand co-ordination is developing.

Stage 2: Baby 6-12 Months

• Baby is now able to roll and sit unassisted.
• Peek-a-boo becomes a favourite game.
• Babies get much delight from watching their reflection in the mirror.
(Mobile detaches to entertain baby on the floor).

Stage 3: Toddler 12-24 Months

• Toddler starts to take their first steps and continues to grow with confidence.
• Toddler begins to start playing independently.
• Starts throwing and kicking balls.
• Learns to identify colours and shapes.

Stage 4: Pre-Schooler 24-36 Months

• A significant increase in vocabulary and language accompanies this stage.
• Imaginative play becomes a very important part of developing child’s self awareness and confidence.
• First friendships start to blossom. Children begin to understand taking turns and caring for others.